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The Pari-mutuel "Playa," The Prince of Pace, Hippie Horsicologist, Savant of the Sod, Wizard of the Weeds, Clubhouse Clairvoyant, Grandstand Guru, Equine Environmentalist, Renaissance Railbird, Dude of the Dirt, Guru of the Grass, the Bourgeois Backstretch Barbarian, and real man.

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                 Equine Executive

Welcome to Top Turf Teddy, a place for winners, not whiners.  If you're looking for a fast horse, you've come to the right place.  If you're looking for a fast buck, wait for deer hunting season.  This is an easy game!  Be patient!  TTT's complex proprietary computer algorithm utilizes numerous relevant factors found in each horse's past performance record, as they relate to every other horse in the race.  This empirical data is quantified to produce a numerical "odds" number, which is a
tremendous indicator of the probable race outcome.  Top Turf Teddy has been a student of thoroughbred racing for more than 50 years, and combines higher mathematics and probabilities with his knowledge of the game.


Today's Tip:  "Play the Game."

Use your head, trust Big Ted, bet the horses in red; enough said!

High percentage figures for all major tracks around the country are now available. Do not hesitate to contact Big Ted ( ) with any questions or comments, or if you need analysis of a particular race around the country (or the world).

TTT followers have always been provided with free information.  Simply send an e-mail to TTT, and acknowledge that his numbers are the best in the business, and stating that you long to be one of his "Disciples," and he will add you to the growing list.

Thank you for your patronage, and remember:  "You can't stay alive, at 6 to 5," "3 to 2 just won't do," and "you can't get in line, at 1 to 9," so demand value whenever you go to the window, and tell them Teddy sent you.  


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